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How we started putting "pins" on maps.

Geo-coding (Mapping) Project 2012

In the summer of 2012, as we were updating our master fire station lists, we explored the options available to take this information and present it in a more graphical manner. Our hope has always been to be able to geo-code all of the stations in our state, and now we can utilizing a format most people are familiar with: Google Maps.

I am a strong believer that maps tell a powerful story.

Having the information contained in a database allows for sorting and categorization. Updating the information should also be easier, ensuring more accurate data.

We are also now listing equipment housed at each station, starting with larger departments. If you would like to see your apparatus listed, please feel free to submit the information.

We hope you find this enhancement useful.

Phase One of the project was completed on November 25, 2012. All known data was entered into the system.

Phase Two will present the data online at FDmaps.com, allowing the fire service to provide review and comments.

Phase Three will take the verified information and begin presenting it in even more creative and valuable ways.

Here’s a look at some of the things we would like to do next.

Here’s a list of some of the tools we used to create FDmaps.com.

Legacy List Project

The North Carolina Fire Department Station List is a project that was started in May of 2000.

Departments are listed by County, with Municipal departments listed first, followed by county departments, federal departments and lastly private fire brigades. Known numbering systems are shown, as well as cross-county districts. Known physical street addresses are listed where available. We have also attempted to shown Fire Museums as well as primary dispatch frequencies.

The information is updated regularly as time allows. The nature of the information (nearly 1,400 departments in 100 counties) means that the data is always in flux given mergers, closings and new stations and departments coming on line.

(The list has not been updated since August 2012. We have uncovered a wealth of information during the GIS project, and have not had the opportunity to roll those updates into the list. The most current information is contained within the GIS project)

The most recent list for North Carolina.

We maintain a similar list for South Carolina.


  1. Is there a way to get a spreadsheet with this data? We provide insurance inspections, and would like to know for sure the address of a fire department, and whether it is paid, volunteer, or a combination.

    • Michael,

      Thanks for your interest, but we are not releasing the information directly form our database.



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