Hopefully this will answer your mapping questions.

Q: My department’s apparatus is not listed. Why?

A: We started by listing equipment from larger departments. You are invited to submit your department’s information here.

Q: The icon is not in the right location for my station. How do I get that changed?

A: We suggest starting at this page, and then submitting the corrected information.

Q: We are planning/building a new station. How do we get that listed?

A: Just drop us a note using this form.

Q: My department should be listed as a municipal department. Can you change that?

A: Of course. Please use this form to submit that request.

Q: Why are some departments listed as a Company and others as a Station?

In counties where all stations have their own distinct station number, we simply use the designation “Station”. This works fine for most counties. This approach causes an issue in counties when a department has multiple stations, but uses the same overall county station number for each station. In these cases, we use the designation “Company” first for the overall county station number, then number each additional station as required.

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