Fire Apparatus Antiques
Original fire department apparatus still owned by their department.

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Editor’s Note:

This category was a last minute addition before our launch in November 2012. We are just beginning to assemble information for this category, and help from readers is needed. Thanks!

  • Biscoe Fire Department

    110 West Main St
    Biscoe, NC

    1950 Ford – old Engine 313

  • Brevard Fire Department

    95 West Main St
    Brevard, NC

    1925 American LaFrance
    1945 American LaFrance

  • Cary Fire Department

    Fire Station 8

    408 Mills Park Dr
    Cary, NC

    1953 Seagrave

  • Cashiers-Glenville Fire Department

    Company 6 – Station 1

    62 Plastic Plant Rd
    Cashiers, NC

    1947 Seagrave

  • Catawba County Firefighters Museum

    1426 Museum Drive NC
    Conover, NC 28613

    Catawba County Firefighters Museum


    Normal operating hours are Fridays and Saturdays from 9am – 4pm and Sundays from 1pm – 4pm.

    Weekday tours are by appointment only for school, civic and community groups.

    For more information, call the Catawba County Fire Marshal’s Office at 828-465-8238 or the museum at 828-466-0911 and leave a message.

    1936 American LaFrance
    1941 Ford Pumper
    1952 Ford Pumper
    1951 Dodge Pumper
    1954 Chevrolet Pumper
    1945 Chevrolet Pumper

  • Chapel Hill Fire Department

    300 Meadowmont Village Cir
    Chapel Hill, NC

    1914 Model T Ford Engine

  • Charlotte Fire Department Antique Fire Apparatus Collection

    CFD Shops, adjacent to Fire Station 11
    620 West 28th Street
    Charlotte, NC

    1902 American Fire Engine Metropolitan “Old Sue” #3
    1928 American LaFrance Pumper
    1948 Mack Pumper (Engine 1)
    1958 Seagrave Pumper (Engine 23)
    1971 Seagrave Pumper (Engine 16)

  • Clyde Fire Department

    8531 Carolina Blvd
    Clyde, NC

    1941 Pirsch pumper

  • Conover Fire Department

    Conover Fire Station 3
    1776 Village Square Northwest
    Conover, NC

    1971 Ward LaFrance (Engine 5)

  • Faison Fire Department

    102 North East Center Street
    Faison, NC

    1946 Ford/American LaFrance

  • Farmville Fire Department

    3713 N Main St
    Farmville, NC

    1942 American LaFrance

  • Fayetteville Fire Department

    Fire Station 2

    101 Olive Rd
    Fayetteville, NC

    1917 American LaFrance Engine Antique

  • Forest City Fire Department

    186 South Church St
    Forest City, NC

    Engine 1 (Antique)

  • Franklin Fire Rescue

    49 Maple St
    Franklin, NC

    1937 Chevy/Darley Engine

  • Gastonia Fire Department

    613 Carson Rd
    Gastonia, NC

    1921 American LaFrance
    1976 Mack CF 100 1000/500 (Funeral Caisson)

  • Goldsboro Fire Department

    Fire Station 3

    100 Patetown Rd
    Goldsboro, NC

    1919 Antique Fire Engine

  • Granite Falls Fire Department

    119 N Main St
    Granite Falls, NC

    Antique Fire Apparatus (first fire apparatus in Granite Falls, nicknamed “Granny”)

  • Landis Fire Department

    136 N Central Avenue
    Landis, NC

    1947 American LaFrance (Engine 1)

  • Lillington Fire Department

    823 S Main St
    Lillington, NC

    1928 American LaFrance Type 99 Engine
    1961 Ford Seagrave

  • Mebane Fire Department

    101 West Washington St
    Mebane, NC

    1923 Brockway/LaFrance
    1936 Ford

  • Morrisville Fire Department

    Morrisville Station 1

    200 Town Hall
    Morrisville, NC

    1963 Chevy/Darley

  • Parkwood Volunteer Fire Department

    Parkwood Station 1
    1409 Seaton
    Durham, NC

  • Plymouth Fire Department

    775 US 64
    Plymouth, NC

    1929 American LaFrance

  • Raleigh Fire Department Antique Fire Apparatus Collection

    Raleigh Fire Station 28
    3500 Forestville Rd
    Raleigh, NC

    Raleigh Fire Museum 

    1905 American LaFrance Metropolitan Steamer
    1926 American LaFrance Type 75 Pumper
    1950 Mack B-95LS Pumper
    1953 Rescue Boats and Trailer
    1961 American LaFrance Pumper (located off site)
    1982 Mack CF Pumper (located off site)

  • Rolesville Rural Fire Department

    104 E Young St
    Rolesville, NC

    Chevy Pumper

  • Stony Hill Rural Fire Department

    15633 New Light Rd
    Wake Forest, NC

    Antique Engine 261

  • Troy Fire Department

    602 N Main St
    Troy, NC 27371

    1951 Mack Model 45A – Engine 114 – Reserve
    1973 Mack CF600 – Engine 113

  • Washington Fire Department

    Fire Station 1

    410 N Market St
    Washington, NC

    1898 Steamer (Antique)
    1912 American LaFrance Engine (Antique)

  • Waynesville Fire Department

    Fire Station 1

    1022 N Main St
    Waynesville, NC

    1926 American LaFrance Antique

  • West Edgecombe Fire Department

    13555 NC 43 North
    Rocky Mount, NC 27801

    1956 Ford

  • Wilson’s Mills Fire Rescue

    Wilson’s Mills Fire Station 2
    2850 Cleveland Rd
    Smithfield, NC

    1947 Model 75 Mack


  1. Laura Greene says

    Hey Jeff,

    Do you have Mooresville’s Truck on file? I saw a picture of it on your home page but then I didn’t see it listed here. Just curious! I know you are busy so take your time in responding! 🙂

  2. Lee Kennedy says

    Faison has our first new truck a 1946 Ford/America La France pumper that was restored in 2005. Stored in a warehouse in town near fire department. Last used in 1984.

  3. Joey Webb says

    Cashiers – Glenville 1947 Seagraves

    Cashiers Glenville Volunteer Fire Department
    PO Box 886
    579 Frank Allen Road
    Cashiers, NC 28717-0886

  4. Stacey Johnston says

    Plymouth Fire Department still has a 1929 American FaFrance. It still runs but noone knows how to make water flow!

  5. Stacey Johnston says

    We still have 1929 American LaFrance! It does run but noone has figurred how to make it flow water!

  6. Aaron Byrd says

    Biscoe FD, Montogmery Co.

    1950 Ford – old Engine 313

  7. Catawba County FireFighters Musuem Located @ 1426 Musuem Drive NW, Conover, NC 28613 has the following antique apparatus:

    Antique Apparatus:
    1936 American LaFrance
    1941 Ford Pumper
    1952 Ford Pumper
    1951 Dodge Pumper
    1954 Chevrolet Pumper
    1945 Chevrolet Pumper

  8. Conover Fire Department Antique Apparatus:

    1971 Ward LaFrance (Engine 5)

    Located at Conover Fire Station 3 @
    1776 Village Square Drive NW
    Conover NC 28613

  9. Johnny Glance says

    The 1938 Pirsch you have listed at the Clyde Fire Department is really a 1941 Pirsch. It was a wartime military pumper that served Oak Ridge, TN during the war and Clyde purchased it in 1952. It had been told by the old members for years it was a ’38 but running the serial numbers it is a 1941.


  10. Thanks, this has been updated.


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