Private Fire Brigades
Emergency response teams fielded by private corporations at major industrial facilities.

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  1. Aaron Byrd says

    ok well i know Michelin Aircraft Tire Corp. 40589 S Stanly School Rd. Norwood, NC 28128, has a fire brigade, they arent a very large facility, but i would consider them complex.

    • Thanks Aaron,

      We have created a record for the Stanly County facility and added to the Private Fire Brigades and the Stanly County page.

  2. Aaron Byrd says

    What classifies as a private fire brigade?

    • We define a private fire brigade as a fire response team formed to respond to emergencies primarily on private property, typically at a large and often complex industrial facility. They are funded by private corporations, but will typically operate in conjunction with local fire agencies. Fire Brigades are not members of the North Carolina State Firemen’s Association because they do not have their own fire district.

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