Stanly County
Population: 60,936

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  1. Aquadale’s replacement station is completed.

  2. Aaron Byrd says

    Southside still operates out of their old station on Southside Rd. as well 35.320461, -80.177515

    • I originally had this one as active, but someone advised they were no longer using it.

      I can create a new record for it. Do they consider the location on Southside Rd as their Sta 1, and do you know the county station number?

      Thanks very much!

      • Aaron Byrd says

        i was under the impression they stopped using it after the new station was built, but i was recently told by a friend that works part time with them that they still use it, but now consider it sta 2 and the new station on hwy 138 is considered sta 1

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