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  • Brunswick County – added apparatus for three Boiling Spring Lakes fire stations. (C Grace)
  • Randolph County – added apparatus for three Franklinville fire stations. (P Sulzer)
  • Randolph County – added Sta 44 for Franklinville Fire. (P Sulzer)
  • Guilford County – changed Sta 38 from “Mount Hope” to “Mt Hope”, updated appartus. (T Chapmon)
  • Currituck County – updated location for Sta 15 – Knotts Island’s new station. (S Morrison)
  • Richmond County – added apparatus for Cordova Fire Rescue. (H Dawkins)
  • Iredell County – added training facility for Iredell County Firefighters Association. (Z Hinson)
  • Pitt County – added apparatus for Simpson Rural, Eastern Pines, Stokes, Bell Arthur. (J Maynard)
  • Washington County – added antique for Plymouth Fire. (S Johnston)
  • Anson County – added apparatus for Ansonville Fire. (A Byrd)

Revision 21.1

  • Gates County – added apparatus for Gatesville. (W Cowper)
  • Wilkes County – corrected county station numbers for multiple stations. (C Hollar)

Revision 21.2

  • Edgecombe County – added apparatus for Tarboro. (C Taylor)
  • Wake County – Raleigh 1961 antiqued moved from Fire Station 9 to Fire Station 28.
  • Catawba County – added names to stations for Conover. (Z Hinson)
  • Catawba County – added additional apparatus for Conover. (Z Hinson)
  • Stanly County – created record for Sta 61 – Southside Sta 1 on Southside Drive. (A Byrd)
  • Pitt County – added apparatus for Red Oak Community Rural. (J Maynard)
  • Pitt County – corrected spelling of name for Company 45 – Gardnerville. (J Maynard)
  • Forsyth County – created record for Winston-Salem Sta 19, under construction. (M Bodford)
  • Forsyth County – updated apparatus listing for Winston-Salem Fire. (M Bodford)
  • Montgomery County – created records for Lake Tillery and Badin Lake fire boats. (A Byrd)
  • Montgomery County – updated record for Mount Gilead; added apparatus, changed icon to municipal department, added fire district name. (A Byrd)
  • Halifax County – corrected spelling of Kapstone Emergency Response Team. (D Patrick)
  • Gaston County – added apparatus for Sta 50 – New Hope. (M Young)
  • Gaston County – created record for Sta 50 – New Hope Marine 50. (M Young)
  • Forsyth County – added apparatus for Union Cross. (J Brady)
  • Catawba County – added Conover antique. (Z Hinson)
  • Catawba County – added apparatus listing to Catawba County Firefighters Museum. (Z Hinson)
  • Randolph County – added apparatus for all Westside stations. (G Lamb)
  • Brunswick County – updated Oak Island to municipal icon; listed apparatus. (B Carmon)
  • Greene County – added apparatus for Shine Rural Volunteer Fire and EMS. (J Anderson)
  • Greene County – removed East Wayne from Greene County; has no district in Greene County. (J Anderson)
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