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Added ability for readers to directly upload photos of fire stations.
Created to track the progress of the project and provide location for images to be shared.

  • Surry County – added Weyerhaeuser Company fire brigade. (A Chatman)
  • Gaston and Lincoln Counties – added apparatus for Alexis stations. (B Grice)
  • Pender County – added apparatus for Sloop Point. (R Johnston)
  • Montgomery County – added antique for Biscoe Fire Department. (A Byrd)
  • Robeson County – updated location of Sta 28 – Rowland Rural. (R Harris)
  • Robeson County – additional information added for NC USAR Task Force 9, Lumberton Rescue record. (R Ivey)
  • Edgecombe County – updated Rocky Mount Fire Squad 1 at Fire Station 1. (R Raper)
  • Davie County – added apparatus for Cooleemee. (B Williams)
  • McDowell County – added apparatus for Marion, changed icon to municipal department. (J Neal)
  • Columbus County – added apparatus for Whiteville, changed icon to municipal department. (D Yergeau)
  • Pitt County – added apparatus for Winterville Community. (J Heltzel)
  • Montgomery County – added apparatus for Biscoe, Candor and Star; changed icons to municipal department. (A Byrd)
  • Jackson County – added apparatus for Balsam-Willets-Ochre Hill. (D Coward)
  • Orange County – added apparatus for Carrboro. (T Crabtree)
  • Forsyth County – added apparatus for Beeson Crossroads. (H Swain)
  • Yadkin County – added apparatus for Arlington, created record for Arlington Sta 2 (under construction). (L Chappell)
  • Onslow County – corrected numerics for Swansboro, added apparatus, updated icon to municipal department. (B Penrod)
  • Catawba County – added apparatus for Mountain View. (S Rhodarmer)
  • Rowan County – updated apparatus for Locke (Stations 61, 62, 63); updated numerics for Station 61. (R Alexander)
  • Greene County – added apparatus and notes for Maury. (T Cash)
  • Halifax County – indicated Littleton with fire district in Warren County. (T Evans)
  • Beaufort County – added apparatus for Blounts Creek. (D Williams)
  • Randolph County – corrected spelling of East Side, listed apparatus. (R Husband)
  • McDowell County – added apparatus for Sugar Hill-Montford Cove. (J Washburn)
  • Pitt County – created record for Greenville Fire Rescue training center, behind Fire Station 6. (J Hodges)
  • Halifax County – added apparatus for Lilesville. (T Evans)
  • Stanly County – created record for Michelin Aircraft Tire Corportation, Norwood, NC, private fire brigade. (A Byrd)
  • Buncombe County – Skyland Sta 2 and 3. Corrected mis-spelling of Arden. (W Bailey)
  • Duplin County – Listed apparatus for Kenansville and adjusted coordinates. (M Barwick)
  • Duplin County – Added Kenansville Fire Station 2 (M Barwick)
  • Franklin County – Listed apparatus for Louisburg. (R Lanham)
  • McDowell County – Updated address and location for Sta 42 – Nebo and listed apparatus. (A Snypes)
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