Review Checklist
How to review your department's information.

Use this checklist to review your department’s information on this site.

We recommend beginning by selecting your county at the bottom of any page.


Hover over any icon to see the agency information.


Once you have selected your station, zoom in.


Once zoomed in, you may find it useful to switch to satellite view.


Typically the icon is placed on the front apron of the fire station. This area was chosen so as not to obscure the station when viewed in satellite mode at different zoom levels.


  • Is the location of the icon shown for your station correctly positioned?

(Now scroll down on the page to the list view of the information)


  • Is the name of your department listed correctly?
  • Is your station number listed correctly?
  • Is the physical address of your station correct?
  • Should your department be listed as a municipality?

The coordinates shown relate to the location of the fire station icon. Need help determining coordinates?

If you need to correct or update any information, please use this form.

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